Sabaheta Šaćiragić
dipl. iur., Institute Secretary

Contact:; 033 220 926

Graduate EducationFaculty of Law, University of Sarajevo1976

INGEB Employment
Director1988 - 1993
Secretary1993 →

Non INGEB Employment
Worked at "Elektroprivreda BiH" as Head of Legal Affairs, Personnel and General Services for three years
Worked at "Bosnalijek" as Director of Legal and Human Resourcesfor nine years

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  • Has passed the state exam, completed training for mediators. Speaks English language.

  • Since the founding of the Institute 1988th, was on duty of executive authority in the establishment of the Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology, 1993.

  • Since 1994, when the rights of the founders of this institution over the Assembly of BiH, and the Institute became a public research institution, performs the duty of the Secretary of the Institute.

  • As secretary of the Institute performs management and coordination of administrative and technical and executive operations of the Secretariat, all legal, administrative, legislative affairs and advocacy, and continually monitoring the regulations of the Canton Sarajevo, FBiH and BiH.

  • Provides legal and other professional assistance to the Institute and its employees, leading procedure for the acquisition of scientific and research positions at the Institute, working on business reporting and business planning and contracting, and performs other duties under the Rules of the Institute and the demands of directors and scientific advisors.

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